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Fair Housing: Past, Present, & Future

Wednesday, January 19, 2022
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (CST)

Event Details

If you have ever attended a Fair Housing Seminar that gave you the impression that it was a boring topic, Wesley is prepared to prove that theory wrong! We will go on a journey form the history of anti-discrimination legislation through the anticipated changes tomorrow. Our conversations will be packed with great leaders, inspiration and the unforgettable sacrifices made so that we would have the tools to provide fair housing for everyone. 

Discussion Topics: 

  • From Bill to Law, the History of Fair Housing
  • Disparate Treatment & Disparate Impact
  • Reasonable Accomodations & Modifications
  • Dealing with Assistive Animals 
  • Medical Marijuana 
  • Application Processing Criteria and Criminal Records
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Recent Changes in Legislation
  • Common Fair Housing Confusion


Wesley Aleshire has worked within the property managment industry for over 23 years, during this time he has grown from a part-time leasing professional to a senior director, participated on state and local boards, and education committees. 

His style of presentation is to engage each audience with stories and analogies that connect harsh realism and humor to relatable situations. 

Wesley's passion for Learning and Development has driven him to find new and creative ways to engage his audience by considering the granular details of the topics and anticipating responses with a thoroughly thought-out experience.